National Circus Award in 2016

Andalusian Theatre Awards for best street show and best set design in 2014

PACA Awards (Circus in Andalusia) for best circus show and best original music in 2019

PACA Awards for best circus show, best direction and best original music in 2015

Best Street Show for “Do Not Disturb” at Children Theatre Festival Haifa (Israel) in 2016

Since the creation of the company Vaivén Circo, in 2008, co-founders have questioned the unilaterality of the performing arts, the fact shows need to fit in one category. The company want to add up, to contribute what is necessary so the circus grow without being tied to a predetermined path, which is why each show is different, each one is unique and at the same time using the same language, global movement.

The starting point is always a scene which is based on movement, we develop it and from there we look for the meaning of the complete show, always researching a way of telling a story, without fear of changing things because, this is a guarantee, we do what we like and we enjoy what we do.

As a company, what we are most proud of is having managed to form an artistic family, where we all have our place and we know that we can all be right or wrong.

From this premise we got on stage to enjoy each other and share a good moment with the audience.